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$16,2 million was accumulated during our latest ICO project

2017-2018 projects

Crypto-Trading Platform Integrator With High Liquidity

Arbidex provides cryptocurrency traders with a much-needed solution, by enabling them to trade via a single platform interface on different exchanges, whilest also offering an automatic arbitrage feature.

Funds accumulated:
$16 239 980
16 500
ICO investors:

Funds accumulated:

$16 239 980

1 October 2017 — 28 February 2018

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First Trustworthy Review Platform, Built With Blockchain Technology

It's a new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it!

Funds accumulated:
$9 600 000
Tokens sold:
263 mln
Price raised:
Accepted currency:
16 coins

Funds accumulated:

$9 600 000

21 August — 7 September 2017

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MicroMoney Is An Open Source Credit & Big Data Bureau

MicroMoney A.I. platform uses complex algorithms to predict creditworthiness of all customers and in just 15 minutes a borrower can get their very first loan in his/her life just from their smartphone.

Funds accumulated:
$10 500 000
Facebook likes:
500 000
Platform users:
95 000
App downloads:
70 000

Funds accumulated:

$10 500 000

18 October — 17 November 2017

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$16 239 980

1 October — 28 February

$9 600 000

21 August — 7 September

$10 500 000

18 October — 17 November

We had developed a stage-by-stage methodology for kicking off and running the ICO

Start1st-4th week

01. Shaping The Idea

Developing a business-model, presentation materials

  • Creating a token model
  • Writing down the White Paper for investors
  • Solving legal issues
  • Making a presentation for investors — pitch-deck
  • Designing the One Pager presentation
  • Buidling an effective landing page for a token sale
  • Designing all the visuals
  • Filming a video presentation
1st-4th week
3rd-4th week

02. Offer Preparation & Technical Implementation

We will provide fail-secure systems for security of transactions

  • Designing a smart-contract
  • Planning referral system
  • Developing the investor management system for ICO
  • Creating a module to accept multiple-currencies at ICO and Pre ICO stage
  • Running an MVP audit
3rd-4th week
3rd-6th week

03. Pre-ICO Marketing

We will increase the recognition of the tokens before the token sale and collect the investor base

  • Driving traffic to a landing pages
  • Community management
  • Creating social media presence
  • Running a bounty campaign
  • Promotion via Cointalk.org
  • Writing a content to keep people buzzing about your project
  • Assistance in organizing a series of speeches for investors — Road Show
  • Gathering contacts of potential investors
  • Writing newsletters and building email automations
3rd-6th week
Finish5th-8th week

04. Carrying Out An ICO

Advertising, attracting the investors and selling

  • Driving sales via gathered potential investors base
  • Active PR-campaign
  • Active traffic acquisition
  • Driving sales via email-automations
  • Helping to negotiate with investors and close the deals
5th-8th week

Our team of experienced professionals is working thoroughly on each step

Evgeny Grishakov


Company activity organization, work with clients, strategy planning


Yaroslav Lunev

Development & Strategy Director

Public communication, work with partners, company marketing


Ilya Krupin

Lead Project Manager

ICO projects management, token sale managers work organization, work with clients


Ekaterina Ivanova

HR Specialist

Constant search for strong professionals to the Merklion team


Valentin Berezovsky

Project Manager

ICO project management and coordination


Azat Sultanov

Trading Analyst

Analysis of trends in the market of crypto-currencies, analysis of competitors


Danil Chekalin

IT Support / Consultant

Development of backend and frontend of ICO projects web sites


Vladimir Gromozdin

Digital Marketing Manager

Acquiring investors and customers by paid ads and social media. Building sales funnels and email marketing automations

of various

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Raised in 2017
$22 500 000
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